Insta Worthy Interior Trends for 2020

Insta Worthy Interior Trends you'll see this year


Entering into a brand new spanking decade, I’d say it’s time to refresh our body and mind and also our homes. 

You don’t need to take all the below suggestions into serious action, they’re ideas, some inspiration for the upcoming 12 months if you’re renovating or keen to update your space, so please take from this what  you will. 

Remember to be unique and incorporate your own personality and style, your loves, colours and patterns which make you happy and pieces which put a smile on your face. 

At this current time we are becoming more aware of considered choices and embracing eco-friendly products and we are moving away from safe ‘Greig’; somewhere between beige and grey.  

Heres some ideas for you:

1. Colour Blocking Designs

If you appreciate bold statements in post modern style, then consider abstract and geometric designs in either block colours...

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How to Live in Style with Kmart

I recently went on a shopping trip with Holly from Motherhood Melbourne.

Holly is a busy mum of two young boys and she craved a nice space without spending a fortune. Holly also requested, 'easy to move' items for this space, so she could move away items conveniently when needed. 

Having two young children for Holly meant she didn't want to spend to splurge on cushions, rugs and other decor objects as this may not be a practical or logical choice, at this point in her life. While I was placing cushions on her sofa she warned me that I may find squashed Weetbix on the sofa.

I was keen to showcase ‘Easy DIY Style on a Budget’ and how to achieve a beautiful and stylish space in your home.

This ‘brief’ was to shop at Kmart only, repurpose what Holly already had and meet the $300 budget. I also wanted to create an attainable and easy DIY style which anybody could achieve themselves. And to make a more beautiful and stylish living space.


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