Tiny by Size but Packs a Serious Punch

I want to introduce you to Aimee Stanton who is 25 yrs of age, a qualified plumber, presenter and speaker and has a property under her belt in a market where currently Melbourne’s median house price is $800,000 +. (2019)

Aimee speaks to students at secondary schools, to raise awareness on the positive paths available to them, the limitless opportunities and speaks about how; changing her mindset has opened doors for her. 

If you follow Aimee on social media @aimee.adventures you’ll see her straight forward videos and posts and I can guarantee she’ll put a smile on your face with her down to earth approach and humour. With a positive attitude about life in general and forward thinking ideas, advice on getting ahead in life, Aimee is one to watch thrive in leaps and bounds with such a fun approach to life. 

Aimee has built a Tiny House with her brother and is currently building another one. 

There is a lot to know about Tiny Houses and the positives are plenty, keep reading to find out more about this phenomenon. 

Amy, how did you get into the plumbing trade and building Tiny Houses? 

Oh mate, you would never believe it but I use to study beauty therapy, decided I hated it so I did some labouring with my dad who is a builder and then I’m like ‘DANGGGG! This is it, this is what I want to do, I want to be a tradie. I have now been a Plumber for 7 years.  I always said I would get a trade under my belt then go out and chase my dreams! After I travelled for a couple of years, I decided I didn’t want to work the usual 9-5 for the man, for the rest of my life. Tiny houses evolved from deciding I was going to turn my passion into profit. BECAUSE LETS BE HONEST! WE WORK LIKE 8596476389 YEARS OF OUR LIVES. We would be silly not doing something we loved!


What are the overall benefits of Tiny Houses?

Tiny houses are completely off-grid, they are on trailers so easy transported to a beautiful piece of land! People generally want to buy/move into a tiny house to live the more minimalistic life style. Escape the big city, get rid of the mortgage and really connect back with nature & the simple life.  

 What does a Tiny House usually contain? 

Everything you need! We build our tiny houses with LUXURY in mind, and they have everything you need - minus wifi ;) haha! They have a full kitchen, pull out dining table, hot shower & a waterless compostable toilet. We encourage our guests to star gaze at night, hence why we have incorporated 3 HUGE windows around the bed. 


What things are important to consider when building a Tiny House?  

The weight & how big you’re going to build it. Our ones are 5m X 2.5m (but they can be built bigger than some houses, depends what you’re into)

  • If you’re going to build it to be completely off-grid or connect it to mains.
  • If you want a loft bed or not.
  • STORAGE and how much you need.
  • Where you’re going to put it. (We rent land off farmers/ rural land owners etc)

I always encourage people who are planning on building/buying a tiny house to come experience one for a couple of nights whether its ours or someone else's to see if you actually think you could live in it. 


How much money do you need to build a Tiny House and how long does it take to build? 

  • Tiny houses usually sell for a price of roughly $70,000-$120,000 depending size & quality.
  • It is a bit cheaper for us to build because we are all tradies. I suggest if you plan on building one yourself do a lot of research or get one build by a qualified builder – there are plenty of tiny house builders around these days. If you want any information or have any questions about tiny houses & the build process feel free to contact me on [email protected] J 

You and your brother started ‘Tiny Stays’ your business, tell us what this is about and why you started it?

Tiny Stays was created as a way to help people get off-grid, take a break from their busy lifestyles and back to nature for a few days. My brother Ben & I wanted to give people the opportunity to experience something that is becoming increasingly harder to experience these days - a chance to escape the busy city life and experience nature.

Tiny Stays is a unique experience that combines the facilities of a hotel with an immersive nature escape. Our tiny houses are solar powered and completely off-grid giving us the freedom to put each house in the most beautiful location that we can find.


What licenses and qualifications do you need to build a Tiny House? 

Just like building a house or renovating one, it is always best to get qualified tradies to build it and do the main things like carpentry, plumbing, electrical. (Make sure they leave the fun part to you though – design, tiling, decorating, painting if you are confident with a bit of DIY)    

Are people living in Tiny Houses here in Australia, and where can you put one of these houses?

Yes, there is a bigger movement happening in Australia. Lots of people are ditching their mortgage and living the dream in a Tiny House. If your tiny house is on a trailer & is completely off-grid you can put it where you like!

Some tips to find and fit onto land for your tiny house would be the following:

  • Horse Agistment
  • Flyers around local areas you would like to rent land
  • Looking for farms, rural land owners that want a bit of extra cash
  • Buying a block of land and putting it there.

I absolutely love this idea of 'tiny house' living and it absolutely makes sense, especially in todays property market, lack of being outside in nature and the high cost of living. 

Would you consider living in one of these tiny houses?


Check out Aimee’s website https://www.aimeeadventures.com/https://www.aimeeadventures.com/

And if you're interested in staying at one of 'Tiny Stays' accommodation go to www.tinystays.co



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