Insta Worthy Interior Trends for 2020

Insta Worthy Interior Trends you'll see this year


Entering into a brand new spanking decade, I’d say it’s time to refresh our body and mind and also our homes. 

You don’t need to take all the below suggestions into serious action, they’re ideas, some inspiration for the upcoming 12 months if you’re renovating or keen to update your space, so please take from this what  you will. 

Remember to be unique and incorporate your own personality and style, your loves, colours and patterns which make you happy and pieces which put a smile on your face. 

At this current time we are becoming more aware of considered choices and embracing eco-friendly products and we are moving away from safe ‘Greig’; somewhere between beige and grey.  

Heres some ideas for you:

1. Colour Blocking Designs

If you appreciate bold statements in post modern style, then consider abstract and geometric designs in either block colours or earthy tones. 

Think art pieces, tiled splashbacks, wall paper and rugs in this style. 

Bold abstracts look cool and effective on a large size canvas. Geometric wall paper designs add interest in spaces. 

For tips on how to paint your own abstract art go to @therenovateavenue DIY videos on how to do this yourself. 

Above image from the Design Shepperd

Rug from Archiproducts 

Jennifer Strunk wallpaper 


2. Layered Green Plant Styling 

Green plants add the perfect pop of colour in any room. Since 2018, plants arrived into the interior design world, in a major way. 

Plants are here to stay and for good reason, they bring a touch of the outdoors and nature inside and add beautiful natural styling in a bland room.

Add levels of plants, at different heights, on the floor, on your sideboard, bedside table and hanging from the ceiling and on plant stands, which you’ll see at homeware stores this year.

Ikea Satsumas Plant  Stand $59 (Left) Target Plant Stand $29 (Right) 


Plant Styling by Decortoo


3. Blue is the new Grey 

Neutral tones work in most interior spaces, but what happened to trying something new, adding some depth and vibrancy to our space. 

Pantone announced the colour of the year for 2020 is Classic Blue. 

Try a cobalt blue or baby blue in your home decor with fresh coats of paint or some beautiful wallpaper. It can add interest and depth in your space, which you just can’t achieve with a white paint. 

Image by Apartment Therapy 


Image by Plus Hemisphere

4. The Social Vibe

Create spaces which encourage conversation and interaction. 

I’m talking bar carts full of beautiful tumblers and fluted glasses displayed along with bottles. Inviting bar stools at your kitchen bench to encourage togetherness in the kitchen and an outdoor entertaining area that is inviting for you and your guests. 

Image by The Ocean Minded 

Image by Shai Room


5. Embrace Eco Interiors 

Reduce landfill, and donate or sell your goods you no longer need. Consider up-cycling, buying second hand goods and recycled materials which are considered choices.

There’s flawed beauty and character in recycled items, and it’s a good feeling knowing you’re reducing your carbon footprint. 

Consider up-cycling your cabinet with a new coat of paint, using recycled timber for your decking, and buying used goods for your home of Ebay or the Facebook marketplace. 

With current mass production and over consumption, now is the time to make more considered choices when making purchases, where you can.


Stool by Recycled Timber furniture 


Before and After Up-cycled cabinet by The Renovate avenue 

 6. Crittal is the word

For an edgy industrial feel this look is becoming an interior design 'first choice', that many (including myself) are cooing over. Used as windows doors, room dividers, shower screens these steel finished Crittal frames are being produced as a custom made product and are placed on the higher end of the price spectrum, as they take months to be manufactured and a fair amount of steel is used. 

Tip: Some window companies have taken to producing these Crittall look frames using aluminium instead of steel which brings the price down and achieves a similar look. 


By Steel Windows Australia 

7. Luxe fabrics and prints

Velvet is still going strong in 2020, It’s the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. 

Think vibrant blues, pinks, burnt orange and shades of green. Make your furniture and homewares seductive with the soft luxe touch of this fabric. Corduroy is also a material to consider as it adds texture with a soft finish and is durable.


Pecans Home Decor 


By Kip & Co 


8. Wall paper which evokes nature

Pave the way for Tropical prints, leaves, floral design - botanical themes.

We’re edging away from greys to warmer earth tones and rich greens, with some floral love.

Wallpaper trends today incorporate floral and coloured patterns and add interest in a room to take it into what style you prefer. 

Don’t forget there are plenty of ‘stick on’ decal options if you don’t want to go with wallpaper. 


by Ginger Monkey


by Woodchip & Magnolia 


9. Handmade pieces

With a current emphasis on considered choices, it’s time to discover the wide selection of handmade pieces available. Support the creatives, the ones that make unique pieces in their small, yet magical studio. Support local craftspeople and stop considering only the mass produced pieces. There are many beautiful and unique items which are handcrafted and ready to take place on your coffee table. Now's the time to consider and support. 



By Rough Idea Designs 


10. Texture and Pattern 

You don’t need to physically feel texture to feel the power it plays in a space, and the same goes with pattern. To make a space visually appealing ensure you apply texture and pattern, and this year we’re going to see more of a power play on these interior musts with textures like tweed, mohair, leather, boucle, wood grains and items such as dried flowers. Incorporate pattern on pattern, just as we’ve been seeing fashion house, Gucci doing successfully. Mixing florals with animal prints, stripes and tribal designs will create a visual delight. 

by Dimples & Tangles

by Pampa Texture

11. Love your Curvy lines

Think arched doorways and rounded pieces of furniture. Curvaceous sofas, armchairs, bed headboards, rounded mirrors and other pieces of furniture and homewares. 

A throwback to the 80s and 90s are going to be more present in shapes.

Mermaid or fish scale tiles and scalloped edges are the shapes that are taking over the sharp and angled points, in 2020. 



by Coco Republic 

by Farmhouse Living 

by Tile Cloud 



What would you love to incorporate into your space? Do any of these trends inspire you? and if so what are you waiting for, get started.  

By the Renovate Avenue 




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