How To Get Your Home Style Right Like a Pro

How to get your home style right like a pro

You know when sometimes you can’t even get your own personal style right. Your outfit just doesn't feel like you're truly expressing your true style. You want to feel the entire flow with your clothes, hair and shoes. To make it more confusing, you see hundreds upon thousands of style and home images that inspire you to get started on your own renovation / design journey. 

The problem is you love a mix of boho and eclectic with a touch of rustic and industrial influences and you know this may be a problem when planning your design because this mix may not add up to the right flow…….like when you make a cocktail and you put too much vodka but not enough kahlua and it doesn’t taste right. 


Let’s start with the desired end result first.  

I always start at the end and work out how I'll achieve that goal.  I fill in the gaps once I know exactly what the outcome is, what I want to achieve and why. 

Why do you want to update your living space, your home, your property? 

  1. Do you want to update the space you and your family are living in because you want to love the space more, to feel drawn to it, to feel happy in it and to create your own space with more functionality.
  2. Do you want to renovate your property to sell or to increase your rental income? Renovate for profit? 


2 different reasons and outcomes. 

  1. To achieve an outcome where you want to renovate and design your space to make it a more liveable space which is functional and an inviting space for yourself and your family. A home which makes you happy and feels like it’s your space. 
  2. To achieve a profitable outcome, to get the most value out of your property, to make it as appealing to your target market as possible so you have an ROI (return on investment). 


Let’s get an understanding first of the different styles and designs and then I’ll ask you another question.



        Modern Design (Left) - EST Living (Right) - Local project

Relating to present and recent time design. Sometimes a difficult design to define as it can easily get mixed with contemporary design. 

Modern design is usually clean lines, a simple colour palette and the use of current and natural materials. It’s uncluttered spaces, without fuss and lack of patterns. 

Colours mainly used are white, beiges, and even some shades of black, it can incorporate colour as an accent, so long as it leans towards earthy. Modern design has a large emphasis on natural materials, so keeping things in a more natural colour palette is key. 

Love or not? 

You may like this style if you like sharp, straight and clean lines in buildings and fixtures, natural colours and you enjoy uncluttered spaces.  



As opposed to sharp lines in modern design, contemporary is softer and rounder lines with current style and trends in mind. In five or ten years from now, contemporary design will likely have a different look and feel than contemporary design today. Where modern design has a specific look and feel, contemporary design is ever-changing.

Love or not? You may like this style if you enjoy current styles and trends and enjoy a softer look (other than the sharpness of the modern look). Social media  and home lifestyle magazines predominantly feature the current popular or upcoming looks. 

               Contemporary (Left) Dwell Beautiful (Right) Style Curator 



Distressed wood, recycled timbers and metals and if you appreciate homemade or authentic country style vintage items. Think organic, rugged and raw items and houses in the country, inviting warmth and coziness with earthy tones and colours. 

Love or not? You may love this look if you’ve always had a pull to the country life, nature, raw timber and recycled items. Natural materials and earthy tones. 



 (Left) Home bunch (Right) Issu



Think loft and warehouse style interiors. Exposed ducting, stone/brick walls, concrete floors and industrial looking sinks and stoves. 

I also think of metal chairs and lighting and New York Subway tiles. 

I love industrial because you can repurpose objects in your space you don’t have to define perfection, its flawed and exposed finishes.

Love or not? You know those movies set in New York in the renovated open space warehouses with brick walls, exposed pipes and lighting fixtures?.. well if you love these spaces, maybe the industrial style is for you. 


        (Left) Stegavia (Right) Milk Decoration


Traditional style is not loud or wild, it's more formal and uniform. People that love this style, love historical items and the stories behind them. Classic shapes, patterns, and materials. 

This style generally includes pieces which match and have deep wood tones, architectural details and elegant furnishings are usually paired. Along with florals and soft tones and colours. 

Love or not? You know if you love traditional houses, you’ve always been drawn to the historical buildings, the trim-work, panelled doors and possibly fireplaces. 

              (Left) Mid West Living (Right) Habitat by Resene 



Boho style is meant to be informal, a mix of elements such as rattan, macramé, brightly coloured pillows, exotic plants and textiles, but also adds a new spin on things by pairing these elements casually and with a variety of unexpected decor and furniture. If you don’t mind clutter and a mixture of patterns and layers then Boho may be for you. 

Love or Not? You love wearing boho dresses or a mixture of flowing styles and personality, with a more carefree nature, enjoy macrame pieces and love miss-matching items in your home.  


Pic - Interiors Online 



Usually for houses near the coast, the coastal theme has gotten a bad name in the past, because of the overstuffed rooms, bright blue and yellow walls and kitschy decor items such as shells and boats with the anchor prints. There are some beautifully designed coastal spaces though with the design being the epitome of relaxation and getting away from hectic lives.

Think soothing colours, pastel hues combined with neutral hues. Think comfort and stylish resort living. You can use both modern and traditional elements to get the right look. 

Love or Not? Perfect for houses by the coast, but don't think this style is only for beach houses. You may love Coastal if you love the resort and relaxed feel. If you have an Airbnb property, consider this look for an inviting and relax station vibes. 


       The Grove  - Byron Bay 



                             The Perfect Hideaway 

Eclectic Style 

Many a time I’m tempted to throw in a mixture of colours, fabrics and random decor items. I love eclectic style. It’s a style that goes against the style rule book with a mixture of rugged and luxe, bold and quiet, and makes for a ‘Wow factor’. When it’s done right of course!  

It lets you fill your space with the objects you love in a way that makes sense for you and excites you. 

There needs to be confidence in your design style and while this style goes against the grain you also need to keep in consideration a few good design principals. You still need to consider some core design principles such as planning the overall look of your space and whether it will all work well together. Don’t think eclectic is just throwing a whole lot of random stuff together thinking it will automatically work. We don’t want an explosion of randomness in our face each time we walk into our home. 

Love or Not? You just know if you love the eclectic style, as you’ve never liked following the rules in life and never in style. You enjoy finding one-off unique pieces to showcase in your home and dark walls and bright features don’t scare you at all, in fact you embrace uniqueness. 


         (Left) Domino (Right) Apartment Therapy 


These are some of the main design/ styles that you may know and may or may not find appealing. 

There is also Transitional style, which is usually a combination of contemporary and traditional design in an elegant way. In transitional homes, the design is often clean and refreshing, while still remaining warm and inviting. 

You can combine some styles in the perfect balance, but be considerate in the flow. 

If you’re still unsure on which style direction to take, then have a think about this. 

Take a moment and think back to spaces you’ve entered and which ones resonated with you, was it a neighbours traditional home, the cool resort in Seminyak, the loft industrial style hotel you stayed at for an anniversary or was it the Air bnb coastal themed house by the beach?

It’s always defined by the way a space makes you feel when you enter a space, a room. 

This style is for you. This style is for your home, your space. It ignites positive feelings and makes you feel at home and comfortable in your space.

If you’re planning on selling your property in the near future, or if you want to lease out your house then you’ll need to reassess.




Now at the beginning I stated, when I have a goal in mind I always start right at the end. 

I affirm my desired outcome and work out what the best plan would be to achieve my this outcome. I work towards this goal so I know exactly what I need to do. 

If you are planning to renovate or design to sell, then keep your eye on the outcome. 

 Don’t base your design decision for a property based on just what you love.

 Consider who your potential buyers or renters will be. 

Style your house according to these factors, 

  • The exterior facade and kerb appeal - traditional exterior means a traditional touch inside will flow well for the complete story of the property
  • Location. What are the demands of the area ? What are other houses selling for in the area and how are they presented? What level of appliances and other fixtures are being installed in the properties which are selling quicker? Do your research.  


Create a property which incites a good feeling in your buyers, and don’t over do it, find a balance.  

Give your potential buyers a lifestyle, create a space that your potential buyers can see themselves in. Make it appealing and inviting. 

If you’re not selling your home, them make it your own personal space. Have fun creating.


Tip: If you don't have a Pinterest or Instagram account already, create one and start saving images which resonate with you. This will give you some clarity with what you're drawn to and some great ideas to consider and implement. 

Let me know if you have any questions about this article.

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Claudia x  



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