How To Create The Best Functional Kitchen For Your Home

How To Create The Best Functional Kitchen For Your Home


Whether you have a small or larger spaced kitchen, getting it right with the design and functionality is super important. 

We all want a stylish kitchen, one that looks so good that it makes you jump for joy each time you walk into it, but always remember functionality is key. 

If you forget about functionality then you could be cursing your lack of storage for your pots and pans, or your bin is on the wrong side of the sink. 

Always start with getting your kitchen functional, then consider the right style for your project.  




The kitchen is the hub of the home, the heart beat of your home. It’s where family meals are cooked, where family and friends come to meet and eat, where good conversations happen. Some say life is created in the bedroom, but at home it’s lived in the kitchen. 

You want to get your kitchen right. 

Here’s some super functional must-haves for your kitchen. 


Tip 1: The Kitchen Work Triangle

One of the most important elements of a functional kitchen is the work triangle. 

It’s a basic principle in designing ergonomic and functional kitchen designs.

The ideal kitchen should be able to draw the 3 main work centres into a triangle which is the :


  1. The Kitchen Sink (is it close to the dishwasher and rubbish bin?) 
  2. The Refrigerator (near the food prep area) 
  3. The Stove Top (allow for bench space next to the stove) 


The primary tasks in a kitchen are between the stove, the sink and the refrigerator. 

The 3 points and the imaginary lines between them, make up what kitchen experts call 

the work triangle. The idea is the 3 elements are in close proximity to each other so that the kitchen will be easy and efficient to use. 

Remember, your dishwasher needs to be near your sink, and rubbish and compost bins need to be accessible too, but hidden away.

Tip 2: Material & Hardware 

Invest in durable material and hardware. Quality materials such as reconstituted stone (Reconstituted stone is a high performance and low maintenance product that is beautifully engineered for modern living) they look great and are fit-for purpose and laminate cabinetry is hard wearing and durable and there are many different styles and finishes to choose from today.



Tip 3: The Right Lighting

Functional kitchen design must include proper lighting. For home cooks, this means bright, illuminating light over the countertops, stove and any other surfaces they’ll be preparing food. Under cabinet lighting is a popular choice too and 

There are 3 types of important lighting : 

Ambient lighting - the main source of lighting to navigate around your kitchen 

Task Lighting - to visibly prepare your meals safely (over benchtops, sink and stove) 

Accent Lighting - Accentuate your favourite elements with lighting such as under cabinets and kick boards. 




Tip 4: Pantry & Storage Power 

If there’s one part of your kitchen that needs to plentiful, it’s the pantry. 

In short, your pantry and storage cabinetry cannot be minimal. With pots, pans, dishware, cutlery, cleaning products, food glorious food to store, a couple of cupboards and drawers just isn’t going to cut it. Storage reduces clutter! 

Ensure you’re maximising the storage space and accessibility of your pantry.

Consider deep drawers too. 

Tip 5 : Enough Bench Space 

Allow enough bench space to prepare your meals and store away any appliances, out of sight such as kettles and coffee machines, if you don’t have a large pantry. 

Consider bench stools, which are a great idea for families and guests to get around the kitchen area, while you’re preparing food and coffees without them getting in the way. You know that old saying “ too many chefs in the kitchen.”

Tip 6: Good selection of appliances

To ensure productivity, understanding your kitchen habits and requirements is important. 

Ask yourself, who’ll be cooking and what, and for how many people. It will dictate the appliances and workstations you need. Do you entertain a lot? You may need to consider a larger sink and dishwasher, double ovens, built-in coffee machines or plate warmers. These are the questions and answers that will define your choices.


I asked Kris Bjelogrlic, founder of Nu Edge Building Group, an experienced cabinet maker and builder, specialising in renovations and custom cabinetry for kitchens. Here’s some insight from from Kris. 

  1. What’s the first thing we should consider for kitchen design, before we start the whole kitchen renovation process ?

Finding a cabinet maker who listens to what your needs and wants are in your design. Always go with your gut too. 

  1. What are you finding really popular in style and functionality that your customers are wanting in their kitchens? 

The customer usually leaves the functionality with me to make it work and even changes their existing layout for them after listening to their needs, as previously stated. 

As for popularity, I don’t really make the same type of kitchen. The kitchens I install range from 10k to 50k, so the design and the inclusions are very different. 

  1. Your advice when wanting the ideal kitchen in your home? 

I believe the ideal kitchen is completely dependent on the client and what they want. Whether it be the design, functionality, the ability to be child friendly. It depends on the clients home lifestyle. 

  1. As an experienced cabinet maker and builder what tips can you provide for a successful renovation? 

Do your homework and then do homework on top of that homework. Know what you want, know your products, know your budget and know who you’re employing to complete these tasks. If you can tick these boxes you will have the final outcome you wanted. 

Kitchen pictured is by Nu Edge 


Contact for more information 

Instagram @nuedgebuilding


Once you know what and how you’ll be utilising your kitchen then you’ll be satisfied with a positive and fulfilling kitchen experience, for many years to come.

Then you can focus on the flow of design in your kitchen and what it will look like with the style factor. 

If you have any further questions please contact Claudia via email [email protected]

We're always happy to get feedback and suggestions.




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