How to Choose the Right White Paint for your Home

Which of the many shades of whites, do you pick for your walls? 


When you head towards the paint section and just stare at the hundreds of different shades of whites on the sample wall. It then becomes overwhelming, so you just walk away because it’s all too hard to pick the 'right white' and all the many options start looking the same.

Start with these tips to head down the ‘right white’ path. 



There are your warm whites (yellow undertones) and your cool whites (blue undertones).

From my experiences, I have found that brighter and cooler whites are better suited in contemporary and more industrial style homes. 

And warmer whites may be better suited to more traditional spaces, but this isn't always the case.  

Untinted whites can create a sterile and cold vibe.



Always consider the lighting in the rooms or space you intend to paint. 

Is there lots of natural light or minimal light? 

Is there enough artificial lighting and have you got cool or warm lighting? 

The same white can look different in a darker room compared with a room full of light.

If your rooms get a lot of natural sunlight then consider using cooler tones, such as subtle greys.

If you paint the same room in a creamy colour, it can start looking more on the yellowish side. 

For rooms that don’t receive too much sunlight, consider a warmer white with beige tones to create a warmer feel. If you were to paint the same room in a cooler tone then this may create a colder and dreary feel.


According to Home Beautiful

Dulux’s most popular warm whites in Australia:

  • Dulux Natural White 
  • Dulux Antique White USA
  • Dulux Whisper White
  • Dulux Hog Bristle Quarter

Dulux’s top four cool whites in Australia :

  • Dulux Vivid White
  • Dulux White on White
  • Dulux Lexicon Quarter
  • Dulux Lexicon 

See link for Dulux advice for most loved whites. 


 Paint is Hog Bristle Quarter by Dulux 


Paint is Antique White U.S.A by Dulux

Paint is Whisper White by Dulux 


Also take into account your floor, Pine floorboards throw a lot of yellow, so stay away from yellow tones in your paint. 

I have used Dulux Natural White in most of my renovations and have used Dulux Male for some walls too with a beige undertone. See below pic.  

Pic by The Renovate Avenue - Paint is Dulux Male 


Once you have decided on either cooler or warmer tones then grab some samples from your paint store. 

 Paint some test patches, on your walls with the samples you have chosen. 

Leave the samples on you wall for about a week and check out how each white looks during the day and night, in natural and artificial lighting.

Eliminate the ones that aren’t complementing your space and embrace the right white.

My 'go to' white is - Dulux Natural White; because it doesn't give off cooler or warmer undertones, hence why I choose it on many occasions, as its a safe white to choose and is a complimentary and clean white which is almost a non-fail. 



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