Are you living in a healthy environment at home?

I want to bring to your attention a couple of important things which will change the way you think about living inside your home.

Did you know pollutants can be up to 5 times higher inside our homes than outside our home.

Is your home damaging your health and your families?

Poor air quality and toxicity inside your home can cause illness, headaches, hay fever/allergies and even tiredness.

Gone are the days when my grandad would smoke like a chimney in the house or mum would angrily spray half a bottle of Mortein over the dinner table to kill that noisy Blow-Fly.

Here are some baddies in our homes which we can reduce or eliminate completely.

Dust: Dust inside your house is not just soil particles from outside, it also contains yours and others dead skin cells, fluff, clothing fibers, nails, human and pet hair. If you don't clean the dust regularly then you are creating a playground for micro-organisms, which is bacteria or fungus. Eeewww!

Tip: As if you don’t know already, clean up the dust by wiping, vacuuming regularly, wiping your feet at the door, changing your bed sheets regularly and washing bedding in hot water.

 I had no idea until recently that printers can spray lots of micro-particles of ink, toner, and ozone which is a lung irritant. Color ink produces more harmful debris than a simple black and white print. Be mindful where the printer is placed.

Candles: If you light up candles in your home and you’re not sure what they’re made of, then do some research into what your candles contain. Most candles use Paraffin which emit toxic chemicals we’re breathing in. Look into getting Soy or Beeswax candles, which are a much safer option.

Household cleaning products and perfumes: A majority of cleaning sprays and perfumes are full of chemicals. They may clean the surface but leave some compounds in the air which are poisonous for our body.

If I clean the bathroom with a supermarket bought bathroom cleaner, I feel dizzy, nauseous and have a headache. My body is obviously telling me to stay away from these toxins and for good reason.

Tip: I’ve now found a safe and effective cleaner which I love. I’ve thrown out all my other household cleaners.


Kitchen: Studies have found frying with vegetable oils can emit toxic chemicals as well as some materials pots are made of. Please do your own research with what cooking oil options are out there and what works best for you.

Tip: Always use the extraction fans when cooking, open a nearby window and use oils which are healthier options to cook in.

Bathroom: Inhaling mould spores can cause serious skin and lung irritations and lead to many illnesses, Mould grows in damp and poorly ventilated areas such as the bathroom.

Keep spills at bay, fix any leaks immediately, and keep your bathroom ventilated via the exhaust fan and an open window.  


Clean Air Tips you can get started on now :

  1. Invest in an air purifier and plants to purify your indoors air.
  2. Open your windows and doors when possible to allow some fresh air in.
  3. Eliminate toxic cleaning chemicals.There are other alternatives out there today.
  4. Find Soy and Beeswax candles for safer scents.
  5. Get doormats at your door and remind your family to wipe their shoes before they enter or to take their shoes off.
  6. Wash your bed sheets in hot water and try to dry them outside.
  7. Cook with the extraction fan on and use safe cooking oils. Coconut and Olive oil are safe.
  8. Keep your pets groomed to reduce the hair and dirt coming inside.


Let me know what you do to create and maintain a healthier home inside.


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