6 Interior Styles Trending In 2019

I’m not just about following all the latest trends, but I’ve got to say I definitely get inspired by some of the new styles which are showcased in the shop window or on Pinterest’s trending pics.

From uber stylish interiors, glossy magazine spreads and also Instagram, I love getting inspired by new ideas which hit me with such an exciting impact. I then hunt and source the items which I think will work beautifully and incorporate (my interpretation) into my space, always with my personal stamp on it.

Which creative being doesn’t enjoy being inspired? Inspiration creates new ideas. And new ideas always stir up passion.

This is my take on interior style trends to look out for and to contemplate in 2019.

Remember, there are no certain rules. This is to inspire you and go wild.

1. Natural materials

Think natural fibres such as linen, wicker, rattan, and sisal (which I saw a lot of in 2018). I honestly don’t see these materials or this look going anywhere, anytime soon.

Tip: Source natural furnishings such as rattan rugs and light fittings.

I’m in love with woven rugs at the moment.

thecotswold company

Rug from The Cotswold company

2. Maximalism

Opposite to Minimalism style (which we have seen a lot of in 2018), Maximalism is bold colours and luxurious fabrics including metallics and detailed pattern. It’s passionate, powerful and joyous in a space. 

When you find it hard to commit to the one style, think about your stack of books, various candles, coloured vases and patterned cushions to create a space of excitement and vibrancy.

Tip: Go with what makes you happy and create an extension of your personality. Place your favourite trinkets and patterned cushions and a bold colour throw, if you’re not too keen to splash out on an emerald green sofa and pink armchair, just yet.


House of Fraser

3. Green with envy 

Plants, plants and more plants!

Whether it’s lush plants, rich green vases, plant prints or patterned green wallpaper, the colour green reflects life, vibrancy and brings the beautiful outdoors into your space.

Plants are used for interior styling now. As in fabrics and colour trends, there are plant trends too and for a while, it’s been the fiddle leaf fig plant but the trend is now moving towards other plants.

Try the Pilea Peperomioides, or otherwise called the Chinese Money Plant (pic 1 ), or the Monstera deliciosa, (see pic 2), along with ferns.

Tip: If you don’t have a successful 'green thumb' then consider easy care plants only, such as succulents, cactus and the Monstera. There is an easy care range available at Bunnings and most nurseries. 

4.  Matte black 

Striking and serious contrast, matte black is some serious and sexy style for the interior and exterior.

From tapware, tiles to bench-tops, kitchen cabinetry and accessories, matte black is here to stay. Think also black steel doors and windows, which are called Crittall.

5. Soft feminine colours 

The Pantone colour of the year 2019 is ‘Living coral’ which is a fresh, vibrant hue which adds some energising colour into your space.

Add some warm and feminine tones, such as the coral. Remember colour enhances the mood in your home, and the coral is sure to brighten your mood.

6. Boho Vibes 

The boho vibe is ‘in’, but I don’t think it ever really went away, it’s just perhaps been more neutrally co-ordinated.
In 2019, you’ll see boho vibes with a vintage modern twist, and a mix of modern and vintage.
I always think of the Boho look as absolutely diverse and eclectic. It mixes old with new, chic with shabby, lush plants and colour with predominantly white walls and lots of natural light.
Best of all, the Boho look is quite easy to bring into your home to add some whimsical personality and diversity, which has been lacking in the design scene for some time.



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