5 DIY Steps to Creating Your Bedroom Haven

With a crazy world we live in, we want a peaceful sanctuary which makes us feel calm and relaxed at night and when the sun rises.

How do you make your bedroom a sanctuary? Why create a haven in your sleeping headquarters?

Well.....you want a space which makes you feel warm, relaxed, calm and ready to fall asleep in. To make you feel happy to get into bed and replenish your much needed energy levels. 

 Breathe new life into your bedroom with these 5 steps you can do yourself and on a weekend.


1. Sleep Easy colour.

If you want a calming and serene space for your resting time, then consider these colours and tones to create just that.

Colours with a relaxing feel.

  • Lavender & Mauve tones
  • Soft Green
  • Pale Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Soft Greens.  
  • Soft Greys and Beiges
  • Pinks and Peaches

DIY Idea: If you don't want to paint the whole room, then paint a feature wall in your bedroom with a soft dreamy colour.

Left Image, Pantone & Right, onechitecture.com 

2. Cover & Warm Up.

Choose luxurious bedding that will ensure you’re warm and cosy and leave you feeling super relaxed and ready to sleep easy.

For Summer nights go for linen sheets, they will keep you cooler and in the colder nights go for thick doonas covered in beautiful lush bedding such as velvets.

Layer your bed with throws and cushions.

Left Image, Kip & Co & Right, Adairs 

Tip: Dressing your bed.

Quilt covers can be like a piece of art if you find a beautiful patterned one, match with neutral sheets and coordinate with gorgeous cushions.

Add depth in your pillows/cushions. Make it ‘ 3 deep ’ for example, Euro pillows against the bedhead, then your sleeping pillows and then some cushions. 


3. Lighting

The key to creating the right ambience in the bedroom is to layer your lighting.

Create the right balance between ambient, task, and accent lighting. By creating this balance, you will be able to create the lighting for any mood and any activity with the flick of a switch.

My Bedroom Tip: Use Statement lighting in the middle of the room and then add some low hanging pendant lighting (or table lamps) on each bedside table and perhaps some downlights around the wardrobe area and if there is a study nook in your bedroom.

Lighting from Beacon Lighting 

Don’t install lighting internals yourself in the ceiling or walls (leave this to a qualified electrician), but you can adjust new light fittings to existing pendant lights or fix new shades to your current lamps for a spruce up.    


4. Bedhead Love

Create a focus point in a bedroom with a bedhead; they create height and structure to your bed.

A bedhead can establish the scene for your overall look you’re trying to achieve, in your bedroom.

White painted bedroom walls can be easily transformed with a stylish bedhead.

Beheads come in a range of budgets and finishes and some can be placed behind the bed without any adjusting to the bed or wall.

Heatherley design (left) Coco Republic (left)

My Bedhead Tip: When you want to sit up and read in bed, you want to lean on a soft bedhead so consider the material before purchasing. You won’t be as comfortable leaning on a wall.

Bedheads range in budget and you can up-cycle your current bedhead if you want to get creative with a hot glue and staple gun. 


5. Window Dress Up

Don’t ignore your window situation. Block the sunlight ( to avoid being blinded from the morning sun when you’re not ready to wake up yet) and provide privacy as best you can with 2 layer curtains and ensure they are part of the look and feel of the space.


Tip: If you're trying to achieve the luxe look in your bedroom, consider velvet curtains to the floor or patterned fabrics to change up the block colours in this space.

Good night!



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