Tiny by Size but Packs a Serious Punch

I want to introduce you to Aimee Stanton who is 25 yrs of age, a qualified plumber, presenter and speaker and has a property under her belt in a market where currently Melbourne’s median house price is $800,000 +. (2019)

Aimee speaks to students at secondary schools, to raise awareness on the positive paths available to them, the limitless opportunities and speaks about how; changing her mindset has opened doors for her. 

If you follow Aimee on social media @aimee.adventures you’ll see her straight forward videos and posts and I can guarantee she’ll put a smile on your face with her down to earth approach and humour. With a positive attitude about life in general and forward thinking ideas, advice on getting ahead in life, Aimee is one to watch thrive in leaps and bounds with such a fun approach to life. 

Aimee has built a Tiny House with her brother and is currently building another one. 

There is a lot to know about Tiny Houses and the...

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How To Get Your Home Style Right Like a Pro

How to get your home style right like a pro

You know when sometimes you can’t even get your own personal style right. Your outfit just doesn't feel like you're truly expressing your true style. You want to feel the entire flow with your clothes, hair and shoes. To make it more confusing, you see hundreds upon thousands of style and home images that inspire you to get started on your own renovation / design journey. 

The problem is you love a mix of boho and eclectic with a touch of rustic and industrial influences and you know this may be a problem when planning your design because this mix may not add up to the right flow…….like when you make a cocktail and you put too much vodka but not enough kahlua and it doesn’t taste right. 


Let’s start with the desired end result first.  

I always start at the end and work out how I'll achieve that goal.  I fill in the gaps once I know exactly what the outcome is, what...

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Don’t add to landfill, join the up-cycling revolution and become an up cycler, a reclaimer....whatever you want to call it.

Be sustainable and creative and transform the pieces you have in your space.

Or purchase used furniture from the Salvo’s or Ebay and create your own piece with your personal stamp on it.

You can save lots of money this way too, especially if you're on a tight budget.

I find transformations so much fun and this project is an easy DIY job that anybody can complete successfully.

Here is what I completed.

The Before and After


Here is my shopping list and the instructions included.


I used Jolie Paints on this project. Paint which is odor free and non hazardous with a beautiful colour range. Jolie paints https://joliehome.com/     

Fine Sanding block - for sanding large flat areas


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Are you living in a healthy environment at home?

I want to bring to your attention a couple of important things which will change the way you think about living inside your home.

Did you know pollutants can be up to 5 times higher inside our homes than outside our home.

Is your home damaging your health and your families?

Poor air quality and toxicity inside your home can cause illness, headaches, hay fever/allergies and even tiredness.

Gone are the days when my grandad would smoke like a chimney in the house or mum would angrily spray half a bottle of Mortein over the dinner table to kill that noisy Blow-Fly.

Here are some baddies in our homes which we can reduce or eliminate completely.

Dust: Dust inside your house is not just soil particles from outside, it also contains yours and others dead skin cells, fluff, clothing fibers, nails, human and pet hair. If you don't clean the dust regularly then you are creating a playground for micro-organisms, which is bacteria or fungus. Eeewww!

Tip: As if you don’t know...

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5 Sexy Sink Mixers That Won't Break The Bank


The kitchen sink is the centre of activity in the kitchen, it’s where we fill our cups and kettles, wash our food, hands, dirty dishes and where we strain our pasta.


I always look for a functional and attractive sink mixer.  

One that will compliment my kitchen but at the same time a mixer that’ll be able to fill my large pot with water, without struggling to get it under there and back out again.

I also want a sink mixer with the spout reaching well into the sink, and not one that just reaches over the edge of your sink and splashes the hell out of me when I turn on the water .

Another thing; check the height of your sink mixer, ensuring it’s not going to hit into your window sill or an above counter.

Keeping these things into consideration, means you’ll pick the right sink mixer which will compliment your kitchen or laundry.

There are plenty of sink mixers out there, which can cost a serious bundle of cash.

For many renovations,...

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5 DIY Steps to Creating Your Bedroom Haven

With a crazy world we live in, we want a peaceful sanctuary which makes us feel calm and relaxed at night and when the sun rises.

How do you make your bedroom a sanctuary? Why create a haven in your sleeping headquarters?

Well.....you want a space which makes you feel warm, relaxed, calm and ready to fall asleep in. To make you feel happy to get into bed and replenish your much needed energy levels. 

 Breathe new life into your bedroom with these 5 steps you can do yourself and on a weekend.


1. Sleep Easy colour.

If you want a calming and serene space for your resting time, then consider these colours and tones to create just that.

Colours with a relaxing feel.

  • Lavender & Mauve tones
  • Soft Green
  • Pale Blue
  • Royal Blue
  • Soft Greens.  
  • Soft Greys and Beiges
  • Pinks and Peaches

DIY Idea: If you don't want to paint the whole room, then paint a feature wall in your bedroom with a soft dreamy colour.

Left Image, Pantone & Right, onechitecture.com 


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Thinking of Renovating? Where to start now.

Uncategorized May 11, 2019

These days there are tons of home improvement or reality renovation shows, home magazines and gorgeous social media images.

They are inundated with beautiful spaces and inspirational homes, that make you salivate, dreaming of walk in closets that are the size of a main bedroom. 

Australians are renovating more than ever before. 2018 was the record year for renovations in Australia. 

If you’ve ever been to Bunnings on a sunny Saturday or Sunday morning then you get my drift. There are trolleys being pushed in all directions full of paint, timber, tiles, plants and tools with the odd toddler pushing her tiny shopping cart with a paint brush in there.

So, why renovate?

No matter what you plan on using your home for - renting it, selling it or living in it - buying a property is one of the most popular forms of investment, in Australia.

You may want to increase your property potential for one of the following reasons

  1. To make the space you...
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How to Live in Style with Kmart

I recently went on a shopping trip with Holly from Motherhood Melbourne.

Holly is a busy mum of two young boys and she craved a nice space without spending a fortune. Holly also requested, 'easy to move' items for this space, so she could move away items conveniently when needed. 

Having two young children for Holly meant she didn't want to spend to splurge on cushions, rugs and other decor objects as this may not be a practical or logical choice, at this point in her life. While I was placing cushions on her sofa she warned me that I may find squashed Weetbix on the sofa.

I was keen to showcase ‘Easy DIY Style on a Budget’ and how to achieve a beautiful and stylish space in your home.

This ‘brief’ was to shop at Kmart only, repurpose what Holly already had and meet the $300 budget. I also wanted to create an attainable and easy DIY style which anybody could achieve themselves. And to make a more beautiful and stylish living space.


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6 Interior Styles Trending In 2019

I’m not just about following all the latest trends, but I’ve got to say I definitely get inspired by some of the new styles which are showcased in the shop window or on Pinterest’s trending pics.

From uber stylish interiors, glossy magazine spreads and also Instagram, I love getting inspired by new ideas which hit me with such an exciting impact. I then hunt and source the items which I think will work beautifully and incorporate (my interpretation) into my space, always with my personal stamp on it.

Which creative being doesn’t enjoy being inspired? Inspiration creates new ideas. And new ideas always stir up passion.

This is my take on interior style trends to look out for and to contemplate in 2019.

Remember, there are no certain rules. This is to inspire you and go wild.

1. Natural materials

Think natural fibres such as linen, wicker, rattan, and sisal (which I saw a lot of in 2018). I honestly don’t see these materials or this look...

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House Flipping in Australia - Easy Profit or Overhyped Fantasy?

By Sean Callery October 11, 2018

As anyone who’s ever made pancakes will tell you, executing the perfect flip isn’t always easy. There’s pride and breakfast at stake. But what about house flipping, where there’s potentially a lot more on the line?

Can it be profitable in today’s market? How difficult is it? And is it worth the effort?

What is house flipping?

House flipping is an investment approach that typically involves buying undervalued properties, renovating them and then selling them on at a profit. The aim is often – theoretically at least – to complete this process quickly and to spend as little as possible on the renovation in order to maximise profit before moving on to the next ‘flip’.

When you consider the investment of finances, time and emotion that can be involved, house flipping may not be for everyone. But for some ambitious Australian investors and renovators, the challenge and potential profit are significant...

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