Hi, I’m Claudia!

My love for renovation and interior style/design began at a young age when I constantly rearranged my room on a regular basis, buying vintage items from the op-shop, adding new accessories and rejuvenating it to my style. I've always enjoyed creating beautiful spaces with whatever I had access to.

My husband Pete and I have renovated small properties right through to large scale projects. Several years ago we bought a run-down 1960's weatherboard house (purchased for $460K) and ended up completing a major renovation ($75K), creating a beautiful sought after home ... on a tight budget!   We set the suburb record for a property price of $1.035 million (2017)!

We are currently renovating a 1960's brick house to sell.

Both Pete and I have a real hands-on DIY approach when it comes to renovating, focusing on achieving that ‘WOW’ factor ... thinking bigger, outside-the-box, and never afraid to take a risk.

Being a wife, mother of two young children (now 17 and 21 years) as well as having two adored dogs, I constantly felt the economic strain and pressure that comes with having a family, a mortgage, car loans, etc. Pete and I started a family in our early twenties and were tired of the continuous cycle to keep ahead of bills and mortgage payments. We both dreamed of retiring early and travelling more.

After years of research, knowledge and hands-on experience, we are closer to achieving our dream, we travel more regularly, and we are closer to retiring earlier!

I created The Renovate Avenue to share my knowledge, and inspire others to climb the property market via the renovation avenue, building a financially stable future to retire earlier (and do what you love).

You can read more about our journey featured in this Canstar article 'House Flipping in Australia - Easy Profit or Overhyped Fantasy?'

Renovating your property is CRUCIAL when it comes to growing your property portfolio

95% of people are looking to purchase a property that is modern, functional and ready to move in.

I always like to think of the renovation process as styling a cake! Decorate your cake with sprinkles, lollies and other pretty things, not only will it look good, but it will also make you feel good. – Claudia Brdar.

I often get approached by clients who ask me:

Where do I start?

What goes with what?

How do I style my home so it looks amazing?

How much should I budget for my renovation?

Will this renovation be enough to make a profit?

How do I get funding?

 Ask me how I can help you.

Stop dreaming about your 'dream' property and step into property renovation to transform your life and reward you with financial freedom!

Having Claudia guide and walk alongside you with her expertise that have been applied to her own renovations and property styling projects, will ensure you have the confidence and knowledge to succeed in your own projects.

DIY renovation projects before & afters


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